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Garden Zone: 8

Plants in my Garden: rhododendron (we added), lilac (already established), rosemary (already established), lavender (already established), 100's of douglas fir, ponderosa pine (we added, some already established), perennial bachelor's button (I think) already established, hydrangea (already established), butterfly bush (I added), beauty bush (I added), kinnikinnic (I added), barberry (I added), russian sage (already established), wild rose of some sort (already established), climbing hydrangea (already established), a few maples and some lady's mantle (already established)

Favorite Aspect of Gardening: attracting wildlife/learning

If I'm not in my garden, I can usually be found: online - gardening forums!

Occupation: teacher


Location: Southwestern Washington State
Member Since: 5/21/2007
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About osprey94

My previously dormant gardening genes (passed down from both sides of the family) have recently become dominant since I've lived on many acres in the country. On our two "grass" acres, I have inherited many small square beds and unnatural paths that surround the house from the previous owners that I'd like to completely eliminate in favor of natural looking beds with lots of native plants. In addition, I don't have raised beds in my veggie garden and I want to make them using fallen lumber from our 10 acres of woods that border our 2 acres. At this point, I feel like it will take me decades to do all I want to do unless I hire someone to help me. But, I haven't resorted to that yet. I'm afraid of how much it will cost. I am completely overwhelmed and wish I had a better vision of want I want my land to look like. My husband also provides a challenge. He does not want to stop using pesticides and herbicides and I do, very much. He also doesn't always happily go along with all of my project ideas because he's stubborn and wants to do things his way which always seems to be NOT my way!

I'm struggling to find a balance and to take things one project at a time, but without a solid long-term plan, I feel like every project I take on, I might one day have to undo. I've wasted a lot of money already this way. What am I going to do????

I'm hoping by blogging my journey, I will create a record of all my decisions and projects and maybe put together a goal for the overall design of this property.

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Forgot to add that since the previous post (the first post of the season), we put the mason bees out and already a few are chewing their way out of their plugs. The red currants and indian plums are in full bloom, too, and I could SWEAR I saw a swall...

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 This spring is, as usual, bipolar and schizophrenic. Yesterday, we had multiple hailstorms, rain, sun, snow and more rain. Today, the weather started out nice, always a sign that you’d better not get lulled into any smugness. Thoughts like “Oh! sun!...

The day the hummies returned
Last year, according to an entry in THIS blog, we saw our first hummingbird come back on March 8 and had at least 3 at our feeders daily by the 15th. This year, the 8th and then the 15th came and went and I was getting anxious. But today, while worki...

Last weekend, I relented and planted my tomatoes. They were flourishing in the greenhouse, but would soon need repotting to continue to flourish in there, but it's been so cold and rainy, I was putting off planting them in the ground. I finally gave ...

seedlings update
This is Rosco trying to get through the window and at the deer who DARE invade his property. They were munching on my rhodies, by the way. They'll eat anything. They also ate: columbine, hardy geranium and dogwood.     "Okay, girls,...