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Garden Zone: 5

Plants in my Garden: old lilacs, persian,& Josie, Crepe myrtle , iris, Budelia several colors, day lilys,lirope, passion vine, Sages, Ageranthumum, Hysenth, jonquils, crocus, clamatis several colors, Russian sage & cooking , Hydrangea assorted colors, mums, and asters,cottoncandy grass, phlox, Gura, hardy geranium, corabells, carnations, lilys, harry lauders walking stick tree, red bud tree, pink magnolia tree, cherrry tree, apple trees

Favorite Aspect of Gardening: joy of seening it grow and flourish

If I'm not in my garden, I can usually be found: painting, or studying my Bible.

Occupation: Greeter at the local hospital, part time.


Location: Seymour , IN
Member Since: 3/20/2011
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I paint, write, study Bible, sing, GARDEN,& play with grand children. I had to repair the house so I just added a new house onto it and had most of the old tore down. Designed the house myself and just love it. All my walls are covered with paintings, mostly landscapes, and now am landscaping the outside. I have 2 acres, which include 1/2 acre of woods. Love flowers and everywhere I look I see a place I can add another garden. I live in zone 5 and would love to make friends with others who live in this zone to talk gardening.

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