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Garden Zone: 7

Plants in my Garden: Yucca, Azalea, Buford Pear Trees, Maple Trees, Ash Trees, Elm Trees, Crepe Myrtles, Roses, Jews, Wisterias, Ornate grasses, Mums, Mimosa Tree, Avacado Trees, Boxwood shrubs

Favorite Aspect of Gardening: Watching young plants mature

If I'm not in my garden, I can usually be found: workshop/woodworking

Occupation: Retired from Corrections


Location: Fort Worth, TX
Member Since: 2/4/2008
Last Seen: 2273 days, 23 hours ago
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About indianshadow46

I love gardening. I have five beautiful gardens. Cacti to Vegitable. I also have two bassets. I am recently retired with a disability. It prevents me from getting down ground level but thank God for grown children and Grandsons. They help out a lot. My husband is retired Army. He only enjoys appreciating the

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I have been blessed with two days of slow steady rain. Thank the Lord. Everything in my yard was turning brown. I have tomato plants that are 4 1/2 feet tall. They are loaded with blooms but they have never produced One tomato. Prettiest I have seen ...

4th attempt

 Don't know how many of you have watched the TV show Greatest American Dog, but my pic looks just like Tillman. So now I have a name to go along with my pic. I was so sad to see Tillman leave the show. He was my favorite. Long and very hot days h...

I recently bought a hosta at a reduced rate. It had previously bloomed. The stalk is drying up. Do I cut this off?

Cucumbers are not palatable,WHY?
Much to my suprise, I have picked 4 cukes and they are so very bitter. I need your advice quickly! They are planted in the flower bed where my Lantana is. Could there be a cross between the two? I feel like pulling up the vine, but not sure that is t...