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Garden Zone: 2-3

Plants in my Garden: lavender, roses, Wormwood, Liliac, White Ash tree, oregano, thyme, parsley, chives, Pine, spearmint

Favorite Aspect of Gardening: in the dirt

If I'm not in my garden, I can usually be found: watching the sunset or sunrise

Occupation: retired, Sunday School teacher, volunteer


Location: Northern Nevada
Member Since: 9/2/2009
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About barbarasherbbasket

Decided to update my profile. I live in Nevada now in the high desert. Have lived in New York, Southern California, Oregon on a ranch, went back to California but Northern this time, back to New York on Long Island, back to Northern California and now Nevada. Love it here. Never thought I would like the desert but it turns out that was wrong thinking. Gardening here is very different. My sister replanted her garden three times this year. Lost the first two to frost and weird weather. I did some window gardening of roses and herbs and still am continuing on that but you get nasty bugs on the herbs when they are indoors here. They are tiny, dark bugs and have wings. My backyard was infested with them and sprayed them with soapy water to no avail. The soil here is alkaline. It loves coffee grounds, peat moss, pine needles and I learned to put a handful of dog food in with huge amounts of potting soil! In California, if you put in potting soil, your plants died or did not fair well. The soil there was acid. Boy am I learning a lot. Next year will be my first real attempt at a big garden and pumpkins. Pumpkins and squash do wonderful here. So does Sage and Lavender. The sage plants are gigantic and so pretty. It will be a whole new learning experience and living in a small town where people actually chat with you, I am accumulating lots of gardening facts. I have been a strong Christian for almost 40 years, love my church and church family, and this little town. I am blessed!

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