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Garden Zone: on skirts of rock mountains.

Plants in my Garden: perennials, annuals, foliages, evergreens, including trees, shrubs, bushes, herbs,, sweet & sour black cherries, red & green apples, barberries, raspberries, strawberries, mulberries , quince, cedars, Japan allspice, Guelder rose (popular snowball), rose flora, sedums & groundcoverers,...

Favorite Aspect of Gardening: flowers lushing / thriving.

If I'm not in my garden, I can usually be found: at work in capital /enjoying time together with family.

Occupation: trading.


Location: Larijan,Mazandaran, Iran.
Member Since: 2/3/2010
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About alee

I'm at the age of about 55, black & white haired, married, with two children, the elder daughter already married having a baby son of 2.5 years old, and  the younger daughter studying as a college  junior,  living with our family. My wife, a tidy warm-blooded house-keeper, the real provocateur of my garden and  gardening. Thank God who gifted all these valuable assets to me!

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Hi, friends! You displayed interests in knowing about the local weather. In fact, we and almost all others use the place soley during spring & summer. In fall & particularly in winter the weather is too cold, Sometimes down to minus 30' degrees centi...

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In fact, I acknnowledged my appreciations in my blog written under the title 'Encouragement' on Feb.11,'10. However,  I wonder why it has been inserted in the  posted blogs of Feb.06,'10. Kindly read it there!...

My  sincere  hello and homage to the friends, especially those  with so kind spirits  that immediately  spared some of  their dear  time to  encourage  and  welcome me to   this  GARDENERS CLUB  with their warm and  energizing words. I, hereby, aprre...

Hello,  my friends!   I'm always very much clumsy and act awkwardly at the time of doing something important for the first time, same as exactly this challenging blogging. I feel  somewhat embarrassed. Sorry! I promise to  improve very quickly, becau...