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Will this scare the mice away?

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Posted: Aug/02/2005 12:31 PM PST

I wouldn't put kitty litter in the garden. It's going to suck up all the moisture and go all mushy. You'll end up with a mess. My cat often plays in the dog's water dish. She swishes her paws in it and watches the water move. One time she came straight out of the litter box and got right into playing with the water. The kitty litter stuck in her paws got into the water and expanded into a gob like clay. Just think of that 100 fold, mess I would say.
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Posted: Aug/02/2005 12:57 AM PST

I have a field mouse/rat eating my tomatoes. If I put cat litter in the garden, would they smell the cat urine and be afraid to come in? Any other ideas?
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Posted: Aug/02/2005 1:40 PM PST

Plant some marigolds in between the rows of tomatoes. I have always heard that marigolds will deter the little buggers. Something about the smell.
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Posted: Aug/02/2005 1:22 AM PST

Wow that's a great question..sure sounds right don't it....but I really don't know..
it's worth a try tho
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