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Posted: Jul/31/2005 12:37 AM PST

Gardenias like acid soil, so fertilize it with miracid or a similar one. They like moist soil, so don't let it get dry. In the winter, put it at an east window and try to keep the air around it moist. Otherwise, it will get an infestation of spider mites, which thrive in dry air. I use a humidity tray for my orchids and it does keep the atmosphere around the plants moist. At some time, it might get yellow leaves which indicates an iron deficiency. Check the label of the acid fertilizer and see if it also contain chelated iron which prevents this.

If you put it outdoors now, put it in a partly shaded spot, like an eastern exposure that gets afternoon sun. Good luck with your gardenia. I love them, but gave up trying to grow them because they're too difficult to grow indoors and my zone is too cool for them to grow outside.
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Posted: Jul/28/2005 9:36 PM PST

I bought a gardenia in a planter. I live in New Jersey and was told that I would have to bring it in for the winter months because it will die.

Please advise. Also, any information on taking care of it (i.e., pruning?) would be appreciated.
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Posted: Jul/31/2005 1:28 AM PST

aahhhhhh favorite flower! I have 3 in pots that I bring into my heated back porch every winter. They are not thrilled to be inside, and by spring they look pretty bad, but it's not long after I put them outside that I have flowers! The plants look better now than they ever have, and I thought for sure I had killed them this past winter. I have a flower that opened just it!! I have yet to prune mine as they are small. Just bring yours in over winter and give it a try! Don't panic if you lose some...or even alot...of leaves when you bring it in...they will grow back in the spring.
Good luck!
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Posted: Jul/16/2008 8:42 PM PST

My friend has a very lovely looking gardenia plant sitting in a big pot on her West facing front steps. It has buds on it .... but it's July and no flowers are being produced. Actually today we found several flower buds had fallen off.

The leaves are a nice, healthy green. I didn't see any evidence of spider mites.

Why is it not flowering?

Why are buds falling off?

I read the other comments in this forum and I have some ideas but I'd rather hear from you pros as to what the culprit is. I'll print it out and give the answers to her.

We are on the West coast of British Columbia. I think it's zone 7.
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Posted: Aug/11/2008 11:49 AM PST

I was happy to find this thread. I bought a beautiful gardenia at the end of spring for about $15. It was lush, green, and covered in flower buds and I was so looking forward to that luscious, sweet scent permeating my home. I had to keep it inside as it was still very cool at night. The plant immediately proceeded to drop every flower bud, get overrun with aphids and spider mites, turn yellow, drop leaves and have whole branches die.

I put it outside, added some Espoma iron, and kept it moist and it seems to be doing better. I actually had a bloom last week. I think I'll pick up some Espoma Holly-Tone for it this week, too, and give it a new pot.


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