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african violets not flowering

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Posted: Nov/03/2005 9:53 PM PST

Here is one of my AV's re-blooming starting as of 2 weeks other one always bloom 1-2 weeks later. I feed mine every other watering spring thru fall with MG AV Food.
Image hosted by
Notice what happens to the leaves when they've been misted and sat back in the window before the leaves are completely dried....oh well DH was only trying to help

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Posted: Sep/16/2005 7:56 PM PST

my african violets are doing well. but no flowers. they were in bloom when i got them but after that no flowers whatsoever. i have two plants. anyoen has any ideas why this is happening. help me plzzzz


Joined: 9/08/2005
Location: Central Idaho
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Posted: Sep/17/2005 12:50 AM PST

How much light are they getting? Are they getting an AV fertilizer? They need lots of bright light to be productive. I keep mine in the north window and get blooms spring thru mid summer. If you want them to bloom year round you need supplemental lighting during winter
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Posted: Sep/17/2005 1:03 AM PST

.....I forget to add too that your AV's are in much to big of pots....AV's do best when planted in pots 1/3 the diameter of the plant and pots should not be too deep. Also soil should have good drainage...there are potting mixed just for AV's if you don't already know

Here is a good site for you too....
[URL= frames.html]Perfect African Violets[/URL]

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Posted: Sep/17/2005 2:41 AM PST

I have mine in a southwest window. I have heard south is the best,but I can't do that. Anyway, I have some that bloom and some that do'nt. The older ones do the younger ones do not. The older ones are almost potbound the younger ones have more room. They do not like to have water touch the leaves so avoid that. They like to be treated with a little Epsom Salts in the water, just a pinch. They also like to have some fertilizer in the growing season. That season is almost over.

That works for mine. However, someone else may be more knowledgeable. I will really be interested in anybody elses opinion, as I have just been keeping mine going on trial and error.
kinnika photos
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Posted: Sep/20/2005 2:44 AM PST

The violet on the top left looks like it should be split as there is 2 or more growing there..I agree your pots are very large for them..I use Schultz 8-14-9 fretilizer and you add 7 drops per liter of water..Always use lukewarm water to water and don't get any on the leaves..I water from the bottom..They require good light year around..Good Luck...
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Posted: Sep/26/2005 4:16 PM PST

Something that no-one else has mentioned about violets. They don't like to have wet feet. You need to let them totally dry out before watering again.
My watering schedule is usually once a week. I use a liquid fish fertilizer mixed with water to fertilize my violets. They love it. I also cheat and have my violets under lights. All of my violets are in 4inch pots. I tend to
revitalize my plants by propagating from rooted leaves. Once the plant has aged enough to get a goose neck, it's time to cut the top of the plant off and reroot it. Or simply start a new plant from a healthy vital leaf. The younger plants do tend to have more blooms. (At least for me)

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Posted: Sep/29/2005 3:41 PM PST

Hi there,

I am an avid grower of violets and I love them. I also grow some of my violets under lights but not all.

The ones I have just growing in the house are in a south window with a sheer curtain and they thrive their. In the winter I can get away with taking the sheer back. They will also grow well in an east window.

First off they do not like clay pots as when the leaves touch the clay they die, at least in my experience.

The best fertilizer I have found for prolific blooming, longer blooming time and the blooms seem to perk themselves up higher so they are very showy is Granny's Bloomers - it is 1-6-5 ratio. I feed that everytime I water pretty much.

I tried an experiment last winter. I fertilized only with Schultz and had very little bloom. The year before I had used Granny's Bloomers and I had blooms all winter long.

Okay on how to water....if you water from the bottom, all the fertilizer salts will rise to the top and stay there, thus having to flush your pots.

Watering from the top flushes the salts through and you discard the excess. I never allow my posts to sit in water any longer than say 20 minutes.

They also like a warm shower every once in a while.

I have been following these procedures for years and they reward me immensely.

If anyone would like to see some photos of mine...just give me a holler and tell me where to send them.

I grow standards, mini, micro-mini as well.

This has just been my experience in my environment.
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Posted: Oct/05/2005 2:01 PM PST

Yes...I agree on the top pic. You have at least 2 crowns growing. You can remove the sucker.
As far as when too much of the neck is showing..that usually happens when older dull (most outer-row) leaves are removed. I don't usually cut the top of the plant off and re-root, I just remove from pot, cut back the neck (making it shorter) a little and re-pot in same container making sure the neck is roots will form on the part of the neck that was showing that is now buried. If you slip all into a plastic bag and blow air into it before closing it up (to keep plastic off leaves) it will help in establishing new roots. When you roots have formed you can open the bag more and more until room air is all it gets.
One of my AV's is about to's last bloom was mid-july. Now that days are getting shorter they will be moved from the north/west light to southern.
As far as food, I've been fertilizing with MiracleGro liquid African Violet Plant Food, but I've just heard AV's can be sensetive to Urea derived Nitrogen. I haven't notived ill effect yet, but I do top water about every 3rd watering. I also give mine a shower every once in-awhile to clean off dust. As long as the plants are keep away from strong light until all the leaves have dried leaf spots do not form. Usually I take an old toothbrush to brush away dust accumilation.

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Posted: Oct/06/2005 12:53 AM PST

One trick that really works for me is to water them with the water that you have
boiled eggs in. Cool of course.
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