Do you stake, cage, or let your tomatoes sprawl?
I stake my tomatoes
I use a tomato cage
I let them sprawl
It depends on the variety.. explain
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Tomatoes: Stake or sprawl?

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Posted: Apr/05/2006 1:03 AM PST

Nancy, I wish I could visit France, and perhaps one day I will. Bro and Sis have been, but not me, oh well... I got kids...

I try to plant tomatoes near the fence, so that I might either cage them, or tie the stems with garden ties, to the fence, which sometimes helps, but those Pix are much more organized than anything I do, and put me to shame!
I have two blueberry bushes in same area, and plant squash, bush beans, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, and whatever else I can fit, in the same area. Last year I planted onions which came up beautifully Just make sure and roatate where you plant each thing, so the nutrients are not totally taken out of the soil. I share with the wildlife, as long as they leave me what I want to eat-lol
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Posted: Apr/09/2006 1:21 PM PST

I stake my tomatoes.. using tomato cages or handmade cages .. the handmade ones are bigger around and seem to hold the plant up better, therefore the tomatoes are higher off the ground and easier to pick! There is nothing like a homegrown tomato!!! Yummy...
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Posted: Aug/24/2010 3:31 AM PST

I really dont do anything described above/....
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Posted: Jan/02/2011 5:39 AM PST

I have tried staking and caging my tomatoes: I like the cages better because they didn't fall over on me the way the staked ones did (I was growing tomatoes in large pots) the diameter of the cage just has to be big enough to make it stable. I really like how the horizontal supports of the cage holds up the branches; the stakes didn't provide that support for me and when the tomatos got really big some of my branches snapped.

I would think that for determinate tomatoes a stake for extra support wouldn't be a bad idea. And I dont use those dinky tomato cages from the store: indeterminate beefsteaks laugh in the face of those flimsy things.
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Posted: Jan/09/2011 7:29 AM PST

I recently learned a trick that I may try this year. Stack two tomato cages and zip tie them together to provide a larger cage for my tomatoes. I also learned about using rebar as plant stakes. That may sound extreme to some but the wind really whips down the plain here in Iowa.


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