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Hypertufa for huge pots?

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Posted: Sep/29/2006 10:27 PM PST

Does anyone recommend using liquid dye in hypeertufa instead of the powder?
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Posted: Oct/24/2006 8:03 PM PST

~~~~---->>>I"M back!!~~~~~~~ it's been a long summer.

I started making hyper-tufa again about a month ago. Hubs trashpicked a electric cement mixer for me. We took it apart and a little plastic gear was broken. I called the company,, and POOF--it was up and running. It;s a tiny one only holds 20 lbs of mix,, but I LOVE IT,, I can work in MYSELVES!!
I've been doing castor bean leaf castings, troughs with ferns imprints on the side and rustic moldings for stepping stones(but leaving deep enough imprints to put in small thyme & mint plants)

I've found some neat products to help out,, it;s called ADDAMIX,,,,,yuppers that is the name it is a quickcrete stuff that helps harden the cement.
It seemed that I really like the dark browny color of the peatmoss but--then the container is crumbly. I added this ADD a Mix and it is much stronger.
Lat week I added some ourdoor paint(as the liquid) to my mix in a deep mossy green, then I took permenant marker and went into the leaf vane lines,, it came out very very kewl!!
I'll try to get up pics soon. I've stacked-staggered the castor leaves upon themselves. Where the stem was,, (which i left a nib on) left a little whole, big enought for an aquarium hose to fit through. Now the water comes up to the top leaf and trickles down to the bottom one,, then into a small resiviour where the pump is hidden under the largest leaf at the bottom. It;s preretty lookin!!:banana-wa
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Posted: Oct/24/2006 9:17 PM PST

Brassi, i can't wait to see your latest creation! the castor leaf fountain sounds divine.
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Posted: Oct/25/2006 12:35 AM PST

I sure will Foz.. it's been alot of fun making mudpies
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Posted: Oct/27/2006 12:56 PM PST

I am so inspired by this thread. I think I 'll give it a try. I wish I would have tried earlier. Its almost too cold now.
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Posted: Jun/24/2007 1:25 PM PST

Hello 'Tufaheads! I work in mostly concrete & cement but I just put several very good 'Tufa recipes onto a Blog I just put up. Feel free to take a look if you are into that sort of thing. They are near the bottom after a couple of basic concrete & mortar formulas.
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Posted: Jun/23/2010 1:17 PM PST

Thanks so much for posting this great project with Hypertufa! I'm a Texas Master Gardener Intern. Our project is the Tri-State Fair, Randall Master Gardener booth in Amarillo and this would be perfect.
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