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How to finish and use this steel container?

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Posted: Sep/09/2005 1:22 PM PST

Yes, I love to use rebar. I've tried plain bar but it looks so plain unless I luck out and find some with significant pitting. The pitting and rust just seem to add character to garden pieces, in my lowly opinion. Plain, smooth designs simply look too much like mass-produced low-quality products that people buy and throw away too easily. My items are designed to last, regardless of the abuses offered by mother nature, dogs and children!

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Posted: Sep/09/2005 2:56 PM PST

I'm with you guys -- love it rusty and natural. I can picture the plants in it now with their greenery and/or colors contrasted against the rusty finish.

Does that have holes in the bottom for drainage?

It would look great in the house on the hearth or just about anywhere -- even if it does take 6 men and a boy to move it!!!
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Posted: Sep/10/2005 10:21 PM PST

Wow. I love your work. I LOVE the pagoda. That is an awesome piece.

I would leave it with the rusty look too but might seal it with a clear coat of sealer to protect it from further decomposing the steele. I too think it would look awesome in a log cabin home next to a fireplace hearth. I love that kind of look anyway.
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Posted: Oct/08/2005 5:43 AM PST

I like it natural! If I lived near you, I definitely be interested in that piece!!! It's awesome!!!
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Posted: Oct/14/2005 5:15 PM PST

I haven't put a clear coat on the pagoda or the steel container. I guess I'm scared I won't like it and you can't really undo it once you brush it on. Right now I keep the pagoda in the garage until I find a nice garden shop that caters to higher-end customers.
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Posted: Oct/20/2005 2:35 PM PST

That container is such a cool piece. I can definitely find places for your artwork.
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Posted: Oct/21/2005 7:55 PM PST

Guess I just could have posted a pic, hunh?
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Posted: Oct/23/2005 3:34 PM PST

Hello and I have to say I like the natural look,it looks cool right now and I could see the nice green plants, some black mix in it would be a knock out too! Rita
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Posted: Apr/26/2010 4:11 PM PST

uhmm yall realise the bbc url trick DOSENT work here right?
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