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Insect Damage - Brussels Sprouts and Eggplants

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Posted: Jun/06/2012 3:16 PM PST

Hello, this is my first post so please forgive any protocol violations.

I have some significant insect damage on my brussels sprouts. I cannot identify the culprit. I have checked at night for slugs without finding any. I regularly check the leaves - undersides included - and I can see no insects. The only thing I have found on the underside of the leaves are very small (pinhead-ish) white things that do not seem to be alive, but might be a larvae of some type? I do not have a picture of them, unfortunately. Whatever is eating them has damaged some leaves with holes, but has also completely devoured some of the new leaves up to the stem. I have attached a picture.

Additionally, I have some holes in the leaves of my eggplants. Again, I haven't been able to see any insects when I check, nor slugs at night. I have attached a picture of this as well.

I just placed on order on Amazon for a batch of ladybugs, which was the only solution I could think of. I would like to remain organic and not use pesticides (please forgive the dyed mulch in the photo - I didn't realize the un-organic nature of it and will be removing it soon). Can anyone help identify what is causing this and suggest treatment?

Thank you very much.


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Posted: Jun/06/2012 8:11 PM PST

Sometimes there are little beetles that come feed and fly away. My eggplant leaves have little pinholes all in them. I assume from flea beetles. Some bugs bother the actual veggie, some don't. If they aren't bothering the harvestable part of the veggie I just let it be.
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