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Gardening with a pallet....

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R2Ranch blog photos
Joined: 1/08/2011
Location: Texas
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Posted: Mar/27/2012 1:46 PM PST

Got Pallets?
Hate weeding?
Dont feel like turning up a bunch of grass?
Use a pallet as a garden bed - staple garden cloth on the backside of the pallet fill with dirt and start growing!
You can also place your pallet on the ground in a rocky location rather than a grassy area, this way you will not need the garden cloth to stop the weeds and grass comin through.
Please be advised: Use raw wood pallets!
Some that are shipped overseas may contain chemicals. Where I am from most are from raw wood - not saying that everywhere is!
And for those of you that don't know where to get pallets - look in industrail areas, hardware stores etc.


Betts blog photos
Joined: 7/28/2010
Location: Vacaville, CA
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Posted: Mar/27/2012 2:25 PM PST

That is more than brilliant.....I like it (^_~)
witt blog photos
Joined: 3/28/2008
Location: Lancaster, SC
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Posted: Mar/27/2012 2:40 PM PST

seasons755 blog photos
Joined: 10/01/2011
Posts: 85
Posted: Mar/27/2012 5:58 PM PST

What a fantastic idea.
TnTom blog photos
Joined: 4/06/2010
Location: Woodbury Tn
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Posted: Mar/28/2012 5:36 PM PST

Thats really a far out idea
mitzilou-2 blog photos
Joined: 5/22/2009
Location: KENTUCKY
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Posted: Apr/16/2012 8:40 PM PST

Going to try that idea out!
1kiwi blog photos
Joined: 3/26/2012
Location: Franklin NZ
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Posted: May/02/2012 3:26 AM PST

10 out of 10! Thanks for sharing this with us all. Roll on Saturday so I can get stuck in!. Im sure it will provide some very palletable delights! ..May you grow well always..
Joined: 9/20/2012
Location: Dallas
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Posted: Sep/20/2012 2:00 PM PST

How do they handle the winter? Do you cover the entire pallet in colder weather?
Thank you. Thinking about using these all along the interior of our fence.
Joined: 10/10/2012
Location: Alaska
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Posted: Oct/10/2012 5:39 AM PST

Good one for reading my pallet loving friends, instructions on how to make your own pallet garden are just a few lines away.
1kiwi blog photos
Joined: 3/26/2012
Location: Franklin NZ
Posts: 546
Posted: Oct/10/2012 1:13 PM PST

I having been banging on for along time now about doing this,but time has just not been on my side,I have everything except the plants,everytime I think about getting stuck in something comes up!..
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