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I need help with my ficus plz

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Posted: Mar/16/2012 12:27 PM PST

So, I have a Benjamin ficus that is about 10 feet tall. Last summer I had moved it outside in a semi shady spot, and it was doing very well. When fall came I was having trouble moving it back in because it is large. A friend told me that I could leave it outside, and it would do fine as long as our winter wasn't too bad. This yr wasn't bad at all, it didn't even snow, however my tree does not look well. It is still brown, and hasn't had any new growth yet. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? This was such a large and beautiful tree, I would just hate to lose it!
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Posted: Mar/16/2012 1:51 PM PST

WELCOME Ash !! First of all, I wouldn't have moved it outside in the first place....let alone leave it out all winter, mild or not. Ficus' are notorious for not liking change/being moved. Leaf drop is one of the ways it shows its not happy and that can happen in the house !! They're quite a resilient I hope he'll be just fine shouldn't be lugging around a 10 ft. tree.
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