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This is what I've been busy doing!

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SadieG blog photos
Joined: 3/23/2010
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Posted: Nov/06/2011 1:08 PM PST

Thought I would share what we have been working on.

We remodeled the upstairs bath, and painted one of the upstairs bedrooms. They both needed it badly!

Here's the only before picture I could find of the bathroom. This was taken a few years ago.

The second photo is what the wall looked like after we took the huge mirrored cabinet down. Yup, it needed lots of work!

The last two are what the bathroom looks like now. Much better!

I also included a couple of photos of the bedroom. It was painted in a couple of shades of yellow which added some warmth to the room. I had to patch a LOT of nail and pin holes from when this was occupied by our son. Boys :o)

It won't let me add the photo of the room painted. I keep getting error 404. Just imagine the wall the bed is on is a slightly darker yellow than the side walls. The ceiling and slanted ceiling sides were repainted white. Both are soft yellows.

(Side note: the desk and chest were hand made by my dad in his later years. The dark wood side table was made by my dad when he was in high school. All are real treasures to me now.)


witt blog photos
Joined: 3/28/2008
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Posted: Nov/07/2011 2:42 AM PST

Very nice!

I'm sure those tables ARE a treasure!!
sUNBURYCHICK blog photos
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Posted: Nov/07/2011 3:13 PM PST

Wow! nice job.It's a great update.Looks so fresh and it
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