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Wandering Jew Plant Care Questions

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Posted: Oct/30/2011 6:48 AM PST


I have some questions about care for wandering jews over the winter. Mine normally stay outside during warm weather, but have been inside all October.

Unfortunately, they hang right below heating vents so they are exposed to alot of dry heat.

Anyway, their tendrils are growing very tall upward and don't seem to be dropping anytime soon plus they are getting leggy going up. Would it be harmful to pinch back the tendrils that are sticking up?

Also, I read somewhere that the plants need some fresh soil added in at some point to keep the nutrients fresh. I really want to do this, but I have no idea how to get to the soil. The tendrils have formed quite a blanket over the pot to the point where watering it is a challenge (but I manage!). Also, is suppose I could re-pot it, but I worry that the tendrils will break in the process.

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much in advance!
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Posted: Oct/30/2011 8:00 AM PST

I think pruning it back so you can pot up or freshen the soil will actually be a good thing.

Wandering Jews grow well and by the end of winter it should be not only bushy and long again, but healthier. Below is a page with the info you may be looking for.

Wishing you well (^_~)
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Posted: Nov/05/2011 2:48 PM PST

Thank you for your advice. My plants have a mind of their own. I spent a couple of months completely overwhelmed with going back to work full time, my son starting kindergarten and taking him to football games/practices 3 times a week. I really didn't give my plants the attention they needed and now they are overgrown and leggy.

I do hope cutting it back does the trick!

I noticed that as I tried to add a little extra soil on top, those long tendrils started falling and now the plants just look terrible!

Perhaps I'll give them a week of rest before taking the scissors to them again.

Thanks for your help!
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Posted: Nov/07/2011 5:56 AM PST

Wandering Jew will start to look leggy and ugly near the end of the growing season. I always give it a severe cut-back, and pot up the vines you cut off for new plants.
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