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Ryan blog photos
Joined: 5/31/2008
Location: Virginia
Posts: 791
Posted: Aug/31/2011 10:03 AM PST

Ughh I am getting so tired of seeing the "Whoops!" message display whenever I try to go anywhere on the website. I can't see the blogs, the forums, or anything else 99% of the time. I got lucky this time, but it's my second time posting this, as the first time I clicked "Submit Topic", and it went straight to the "Whoops!" message. This, along with the huge amount of spam lately, is really starting to push me over the edge and make me leave this forum. What's been going on?? It didn't used to be this bad...
carolyncat353 blog photos
Joined: 4/29/2008
Location: Westlake, La
Posts: 10091
Posted: Aug/31/2011 11:37 AM PST

ME TOO!!! Whoops is everywhere! Please fix!!!
bsmitch blog photos
Joined: 12/18/2007
Location: Jabez Kentucky
Posts: 10142
Posted: Aug/31/2011 12:50 PM PST

I think there is a cyber attack going on in Garden Guides server.The spammers that have bombarded us recently are coming from servers in China. I think they are responsible for this attack as we block those spams. Hope they get it repaired soon.
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