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Grasshoppers and red ants

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Posted: Aug/28/2011 3:09 PM PST

Hi again, I had posted about grasshoppers to the wrong area/forum a few days ago so am changing to here.
The darn hoppers are eating up my Moss Rose but I don't really want to use a poison because there's also lots of bees which I don't want to harm. Does anyone know how to deter them otherwise?
And about the ants: I don't want to kill off their mound,"been there,done that",so now they've moved away from the house but their path to wherever is right across an area that I want to do 2 things with: scatter my Moss Rose seed in a large area, then at one end of that, the lawn needs repaired but I've put grass seed down before & the little critters just steal it!! I'm in need of something, if there is such a thing, to make them detour around this area.
Thanks, grits
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