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Watering needs??

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Posted: Aug/18/2011 9:38 AM PST

So my husband and built our home and last year and this year we are landscaping...about 80 plants (that's just the front yard) I don't want to kill everything so tell me if I am doing ok??? We are zone 8, very mild summer only a few days over 80. So we planted juniper skyrockets, barberrys, euonymus golden, royal purples, daylillies and laurels and false cypress (thread like things) and japanese maples(I'm new to this can you tell) my husband planted with 50/50 mix with our soil (which is clay like) half the plants are in raised beds. We set up a drip irrigation system, put 4 GPH tips on the skyrockets, they are 5 ft. tall and 2 GPH on everything else. I run the system everyday for 45-60 minutes...I have a soil tester it always test I watering too much?? That is my concern I am killing them with too much love They have been in one week and nothing is dead yet!!!
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Posted: Aug/19/2011 10:35 PM PST

It sounds like maybe too much water. Most plants want to dry out a little in between waterings. Too much water will make the roots rot. BUT...since they are newly planted, don't let them get overly dry until they've had a chance to settle in & get over transplant shock.
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