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What IS this?!

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Joined: 8/16/2011
Location: Union Dale, PA.
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Posted: Aug/16/2011 1:54 PM PST

My daughter and I found this seed pod, one of many that grew in clusters on a tree while walking around our camp site in Tacoma, Washington State.
We asked a fellow camper if he would identify the tree for us, but he hadn't a clue.
The seed pods were hard like a gourd, the size of a tennis ball and a pale yellow in color.
I have tried identifying the tree / seed pod, using the internet with out any luck.
Can you tell me "What IS this?!"

Thank You.


ga_girl photos
Joined: 8/02/2008
Location: Georgia
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Posted: Aug/16/2011 3:02 PM PST

It may be an insect gall, not a seed pod.
purplepassion photos
Joined: 5/07/2010
Location: Manistee,MI
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Posted: Aug/16/2011 4:19 PM PST

WOW....learn something new everyday !!
CObotanyboy photos
Joined: 6/14/2011
Location: Colorado
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Posted: Aug/16/2011 10:38 PM PST

To me it looks like a marble gall, which commonly occurs on oak and apple trees, and others, caused by a female wasp of some species, ran across this a few times, but never researched heavily. gagirl with the sharp eye; the way it is formed on the branch is a dead give away for gall versus seed pod.
Joined: 8/16/2011
Location: Union Dale, PA.
Posts: 2
Posted: Aug/17/2011 10:23 AM PST

Thank you all for your reply. When I "plucked" one off a limb, it appeared to contain seeds. Now, thanks to GaGirl and Cobotanyboy, I know what it is!
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