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This male hummer is so controling over the feeders....

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ladynla blog photos
Joined: 10/18/2009
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Posted: Jul/14/2011 7:06 AM PST

But thats nothing unusuall...right!!! In the last might have to look closely...he is in the center of didn't turn out too good.


sUNBURYCHICK blog photos
Joined: 3/22/2009
Location: Sunbury,Ohio
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Posted: Jul/14/2011 10:16 AM PST

Hummers are such beautiful friendly little guys.I love to watch them.Thanks for the pics,Reba.....
palmsarepretty blog photos
Joined: 3/04/2011
Location: Aurburndale,Florida
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Posted: Jul/14/2011 2:29 PM PST

beautiful itwould be even more beautiful itf the crepe myrtle was in bloom but thats hard to beat
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