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Need advice on rosemary cuttings!

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frogmanjared blog photos
Joined: 11/11/2008
Location: Stevens Point, Wisconsin
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Posted: Jul/04/2011 12:50 PM PST

Okay, I can't root rosemary! I've tried them in soil, water, covered for high humidity, uncovered... nothing has been working. Right now I have 4 cuttings about 3" long with only the top 2-3 pairs of leaves left to reduce water loss, they are in a high humidity environment. Any tips, success stories with rosemary cuttings?
Betts blog photos
Joined: 7/28/2010
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Posted: Jul/04/2011 1:56 PM PST

Have you tried air layering?? They are a woody plant.

Here's a site for you

Wishing you well


carolyncat353 blog photos
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Posted: Jul/05/2011 6:44 AM PST

Witt is the one to ask about this. I had one raggedy looking plant for several years and took several cuttings, used root hormone and placed in moist potting soil in bright filtered light-Na-da-nothing! I stuck a piece in the flower bed, forgot about it, and it is now about 3 ft. high. No special tips-just leave them alone, I guess!
witt blog photos
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Posted: Jul/06/2011 2:25 AM PST

There are three pages in the Herb Section in the thread "Rosemary Help!"

You might enjoy reading them.
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