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ladynla blog photos
Joined: 10/18/2009
Posts: 683
Posted: May/16/2011 1:03 PM PST

Not only am I a flower lover but I'm a bird lover also. I hope someone can help me ID this bird. It is so cute watching it feed the little ones.I have a book with birds in it but can't seem to ID this one. I'm sure someone on here can ID him. Thanks for your help...reba/Central La.


KeyWee blog photos
Joined: 11/29/2006
Location: West Kentucky
Posts: 1803
Posted: May/16/2011 1:59 PM PST

Is it a fox sparrow?
USAhockeyGirl blog photos
Joined: 6/18/2010
Location: Southeast Wisconsin
Posts: 1025
Posted: May/16/2011 3:47 PM PST

I'd say sparrow too. I've got those and that is all I call them LOL. I don't know which kind. Oh wait! I know what kind......The kind that eat all my bird seed in a day Cute little stinkers.
ladynla blog photos
Joined: 10/18/2009
Posts: 683
Posted: May/16/2011 5:51 PM PST

Thanks, reba
jweller20 photos
Joined: 7/31/2010
Location: Selinsgrove, PA
Posts: 84
Posted: May/16/2011 7:29 PM PST

It is an English Sparrow. An invasive species introduced from Europe around 1852. They quickly spread and out competed many native birds for nesting sights including the bluebird. If you like them don't read any farther:

They are very destructive to the native flora and fauna, in fact most states encourage the removal of the species to allow native birds a chance to breed and nest.

"It wasn't long before the destruction of crops, the spread of disease and parasites, competition with song birds, its filthy habits and a population explosion revealed its introduction as a huge mistake"
witt blog photos
Joined: 3/28/2008
Location: Lancaster, SC
Posts: 16643
Posted: May/17/2011 5:08 AM PST

I'll have to look more closely at my birds and see if I have any like that. Great pix for ID!
ladynla blog photos
Joined: 10/18/2009
Posts: 683
Posted: May/18/2011 7:40 AM PST

I finally ID this sparrow...thanks everyone.
droonfang photos
Joined: 6/04/2005
Location: Catskill Mtns of NY (Walton)
Posts: 233
Posted: Aug/11/2011 6:39 PM PST

House sparrow...English sparrow...same thing...
and they're bad news...they picked on my bluebirds. etc...
I like most sparrows, but these can go...
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