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Any idea what the little yellow critter is?

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SadieG blog photos
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Posted: May/15/2011 4:39 PM PST

I didn't see any good or appropriate place to post this particular photo and question. I was playing with the macro tubes taking photos of ants and I happened to catch a little yellow guy next to this ant. The ant itself is a teeny tiny one and is on a peony bud about the size of a quarter. You can't see the little yellow guy (at least I can't) with just your eyes.

Anyone know what it is, and should I be worried? It hasn't caused any damage to the peony leaves or bulb and I didn't see any others in the many many photos that I took of the ants.

BTW, this is not my best photo of the ants, but it did show this unexpected sighting!


purplepassion photos
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Posted: May/15/2011 5:47 PM PST

That little critter is an APHID. I wonder if the ants eat them. I know that Ladybugs LOVE 'em. Yummy... This particlar one in the pic is called a Oleander Aphid because of his black legs.


ladynla blog photos
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Posted: May/16/2011 1:12 PM PST

No I don't but he has a beautiful color....good luck.
palmsarepretty blog photos
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Posted: May/16/2011 4:45 PM PST

@ purple I agree it looks like a aphid.
bsmitch blog photos
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Posted: Aug/25/2011 10:50 AM PST

Ants milk aphids.
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