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Dead Grass on new Sod

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Posted: May/03/2011 6:23 AM PST

Hello All
I purchased a new home back in OCT 09. Our lawn was newly had new sod on it. While there wasn't much time to water the new lawn, I did what I could before the snow started to fall. When spring came last year there was a ot of dead grass imbedded with the sod. But I fertilized and watered all year. Now that spring is around this year, nothing has changed, there is still a layer of dread grass that I think is not allowing the fertilizer to get into the ground. I was curious if I should have the lawn de-thatched or have aeration done on the lawn.

I'm concerned about have the lawn de-thatched because I don't want to have a lot of bare spots in my yard.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for you help
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Posted: Oct/19/2011 8:00 PM PST

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