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Potted Mint Plant is Wilting - HALP!

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Posted: Mar/30/2011 1:01 PM PST

I live in zone 10 and recieved a potted chocolate mint plant for my birthday (only 6 days ago). I watered it twice (once after putting it outside for the afternoon where it promptly wilted). Water perked it back up and it was fine until today when I woke up it was wilted again and its small leaves are yellowing. I put it outside (in the shade) thinking it needed a bit more sun but its still sad looking.

Is this a sign of overwatering? How do if so, how do I get it to perk up again?

It smells great and is tasty. I really hope I don't kill it.


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Posted: Mar/30/2011 4:38 PM PST

try repotting it and check for signs of disease
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Posted: Apr/10/2011 10:05 AM PST

Sorry, I missed seeing this post. I have chocolate mint in the hottest sunniest parts of my yard and it grows like crazy. Take some of those runners, lay them on the ground, cover them with some soil and some mulch. I use pine straw. Water them when necessary. You will have more mint than you know what to do with.
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