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  My FIRST Garden......

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Posted: Dec/27/2010 6:47 PM PST

I want to start a Veg. garden in the spring. And I have a few questions.......

What are some good veggies for a newbie?

Would it be better to start growing the seeds inside and then transfer outside after a few weeks? Or just start outside??What type of soil is best for the garden?

Is there a plant or natural way to get ride of pests??(Like get a bowl of beer and you kill the slugs.....)

Is a raised bed the best way to garden???

Those are all of the questions I can think of now....... I thank you for all the info you can give me.....
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Posted: Dec/28/2010 6:39 AM PST

Hi there,
Starting a vegetable garden is so rewarding.
Choose your favorite vegetables to plant. I planted snow peas and beans last spring and they grow vigourously.
You can start the seeds inside if you like to harvest your vegetables sooner or you can wait until the last frost to sow vegetables seeds directly outside.
There are many companion plants that you can plant together with your vegetables to deter pests....
Raised bed is a great way to start a vegetable garden.
With raised vegetables bed you can harvest more vegetables than regular bed. You can plant them so close together and prevent weeds to grow in between.
It's easier to maintain and less bending required too. Good luck!!


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Posted: Dec/28/2010 7:39 AM PST

Welcome to GG, both of you! Lots of good answers in your reply.
As far as picking vegetables to grow, certainly grow what you like and will use (or share). Easy veggies are anything in the squash family (although they need a little space), tomatoes, peppers.
You can choose to start seeds indoors or outdoors, or you can buy veggie plants already started at the greenhouse. There will be many types of veggies and herbs available in the spring. I start tomatoes indoors around Valentine's Day, but I am in Zone 6b and can usually plant outside after April 15th. You can check your zone for planting dates.
As for your soil, I guess really none of us have the perfect soil already in place. Get a soil test done and follow the advice on what to add to amend your soil for veggies. Take a small sample from the area where you will plant, and bring it to your local extension office for a test. As time goes on, you can amend your soil as needed.
With any pests or diseases, your best tool is vigilance. Watch your garden closely every day for obvious problems. I rarely use chemicals, but try to plant pest-deterrent plants. There is a pest and disease forum here for answers, although I will say that what works for some, does not work for all ~ trial and error as usual.
Good luck with your first garden ~ you are off on the right foot by planning early. I have already received my first seed catalog, so the time is now!
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Joined: 11/29/2006
Location: West Kentucky
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Posted: Dec/28/2010 7:44 AM PST

Oh, and yes ..... Joyful-Garden has a link to a GREAT website on her profile page.
Wow, that has answers to everything.
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