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Blackberries & Raspberries - really need full sun?

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Posted: Oct/30/2010 2:40 PM PST

When I looked up blackberry and raspberry plants in my handy garden book it said they need full sun. However, I remember as a child picking blackberries in the woods which would have only been partial shade at best. Anyone planted them in part shade or shade and had any luck?
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Posted: Oct/31/2010 4:57 AM PST

I have 3 bushes (raspberries) 2 are in full sun and the other one gets sun from around 1:00 till sunset all three do very well. Hope that helps.
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Posted: Oct/31/2010 5:53 AM PST

When I moved here there were a lot of wild blackberries all over the property. The ones that were most vigorous were the ones that got morning sun rather than full sun. It may differ with type or variety, but all the wild ones that pop up get transplanted to the east side of the woods, where they seem to thrive.
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Posted: Nov/04/2010 3:38 PM PST

Any variety of raspberries and blackberries do need to be in full sun. Where I work on a fruit farm this is where they are planted. They do better in this type of environment.
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Posted: Nov/04/2010 6:14 PM PST

Thanks for the advice. Since I posted this question I spoke with my mother who informed me that the wild blackberry plants were in partial shade, but the ones she planted were in full sun. I guess I should have checked with her first. Moms know it all. Wish I realized that when I was younger : )
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