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When to cut back an angel trumpet?

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Posted: Oct/29/2010 7:37 PM PST

I planted an angel trumpet for the first time this year. The man I got it from told me I could cut it back at the end of the season and root the cuttings and to heavily mulch what was left to protect it. The plant only had a few blooms the whole summer. Now this fall it has exploded with buds and new growth. We have had no frost yet here in zone 8. Do I need to cut it back before the frost comes?
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Posted: Oct/30/2010 6:19 AM PST

From what I know of Angel Trumpets, you can prune it after the leaves have fallen off. You cut it down to the ground and mulch it in warmer zones (places where it rarely drops below 35*, Hardiness zones 9-11). I'm in zone 5 so these wouldn't hold out for me (30* to -40* winters) and would need to be taken inside for the winter. Angel trumpets root very easily. They will root in water in a few weeks or in evenly damp soil. Good luck
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Posted: Oct/30/2010 6:22 AM PST

Don't cut it back until it loses all it's leaves and frost hits it (frost-not a freeze). I am in a warmer zone than you, but I leave mine in the ground, and just mulch heavily. I also don't cut it back until I can tell the branches are absolutely dead. If you want cuttings, take them now from the tip ends of your branches. AT's bloom sporadically during the summer, but now (Sept-Oct)is when they REALLLY show off.
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Posted: Nov/01/2010 11:22 AM PST

Mine (I have 6 of them) are 15 years old. Sometimes I cut them off at ground level as soon as the first frost hits the. Sometimes not. A warm speel after the first frost and they could live into December. Most times I don't cut them down till the stalks are dead; not for any particular reason; just seems like I don't get around to it till then. If I want cuttings to give away or plant somewhere else, I'll cut the whole stalks before the frost and stick them in a five gallon bucket inside somewhere and change the water periodically. By Spring they're covered with roots. My sister-in law threw some in the woods after she cut them down. She also threw some old mulch in the same spot, and they rooted themselves. They are pretty tough.
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