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decorating home walls!

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Posted: Oct/27/2010 6:28 AM PST

hey all!
My home walls are so filled with big paintings and picture frames. Sometimes it looks so occupied. I am planning to renovate my home's walls. But i am really not sure what to put other than frames and paintings.
Do you have some decent ideas?
sUNBURYCHICK blog photos
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Posted: Oct/27/2010 8:16 AM PST

Do you have a lot of family photo's?I think I'll do my long hallway with all black frames and black & white photo's.Maybe you've already done this...just an idea.
Joined: 1/08/2010
Location: Tampa, Florida
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Posted: Oct/28/2010 10:50 AM PST

no i have them in different funky frames and they are colored.
hmmm thats a great idea. It would look cool.
let me pass this on to my family members
chrispaul97 blog photos
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Posted: Apr/28/2011 10:39 AM PST

Go for the british victorian look. They had framed photos practically covering the walls.
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Posted: Jul/06/2011 9:42 PM PST

We can decorate our walls by placing hangings pieces on wall as well as lots of good and unique kind of painting, this will attract your guest at your home.
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Posted: Jul/13/2011 6:15 PM PST

I like to decorate home walls are use to decorate garden Make your wall a masterpiece with our wide selection of home wall decor, including wall accents, modern wall decor, art wall decor and more. From murals to metal, we have all your wall needs to become an extension of your distinct personality.
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Posted: Jul/24/2011 11:00 PM PST

Family photos are the best thing to decorate the wall, but as you mentioned that your wall look so occupied. Why don’t you try wall paintings like for example textures. Along with this you can have your photo frames too.

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Posted: Jun/07/2012 5:10 AM PST

Also you can decorate it by the indoor plants with led grow lights.
Ozma blog photos
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Posted: Jun/09/2012 12:04 AM PST

Besides photos, paintings, and mirrors, I like shells, masks, plaques, and carved or sculpted pieces. Most of the 3D art on my walls are things I've collected over the years.


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Posted: Jul/22/2012 11:03 PM PST

you can get some home decorating things which is available in market. Otherwise you can grow container garden in your home wall. Before grow plants, you need garden maintenance tips for grow and maintain healthy plants.
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