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The method of killing weeds through soil solarization

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Posted: Oct/09/2010 12:17 AM PST

Soil solarization is an organic method of weed killing which assures perfect removal of weeds from the area removing even a trace of the weed. Even after the preparation done prior to soil solarization that included many steps and pretty big hard work, there are chances for the presence of weed seeds under ground which you are not able to spot. Therefore, you need to kill them before they sprout. Laying landscape fabric is a task that is to be done after that. If you get a pest and building inspection done on your property before you start doing landscaping, you will be able to prepare well.

As a next step you have to cover the area that is raked and moistened with a clear polyethylene sheet. You should take care to keep the plastic sheet from blowing away and you may use cinder blocks to hold down the edges of the sheet. There should not be any sharp objects that stick up to puncture the plastic. You should use clear construction grade plastic that vary in thickness from one two six mils. The best time for soil solarization is when the sun is at its peak. After this much is done you may keep the plastic tightly stretched out over the area for about four to six weeks. During this time, the sun will be doing the job of cooking and killing the weeds for you without even allowing them a chance to sprout. By the time you could remove the plastic sheet from the area; your land has become a clean slate where you could begin your task of laying down the landscape fabric. You will also be using mulches as an additional precaution against weeds.
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I've used black plastic to do the same thing. It gets hotter since dark colors attract heat. This method is also useful in organic lawns where a patch of weeds has taken over to the extent that you can't dig them out. I did it where I had well-established Plantain weeds that I just couldn't get control of. Afterwards, I spread compost and planted grass seed and now it looks great.
I wrote more about this at -of-weeds/
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