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Posted: Sep/27/2010 9:36 AM PST

I have a small room that is my sewing/craft room. Its kinda small, so I want to use built-ins rather than furniture. I'm kind of stumped on what would be a useable design for the sewing machine/serger desk. Ideas? Photos? Help!
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Posted: Jul/06/2011 9:40 PM PST

We can give a different look to our home by placing some of the funky pieces of showpiece in our home by hanging painting on the wall. It will definitely give you a new look tour home as well as trendy too.
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Posted: Jul/21/2011 3:04 AM PST

There may be various ways to decorate the room. As you mentioned the room is contained with sewing machine so you can have things which relate to sewing machines like colorful threads on a piece of cloth or attractive cover for sewing machine.

Side tables for living room
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