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christmas Cactus and amount of light?

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Posted: Sep/03/2010 10:38 AM PST

how much amount of light is appropriate for the well growth of Christmas Cactus? I have heard too much of exposure to sunlight can turn the leaves to red.
SO how much light is best?
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Posted: Sep/03/2010 12:28 PM PST

I have mine under a plant light and it gets full light for 10 hours a day (my light is on a timer). It is growing well but I think I need to move it because it is the change in amount of light going from season to season that triggers it to bloom. Just like a Poinsettia, it needs light control to trigger blooming.
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Posted: Nov/27/2010 1:46 PM PST

Hi, I keep one indoors year round and it is near my south facing window...keep in mind that we're in the 'burbs so there is a two story house that blocks the summer sun (which works for us) (-_^)


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Posted: Nov/29/2010 7:23 AM PST

They like bright light, but not full sun. I have 2 -In the warm months they are outside in filtered light under a tree, but they do receive a minimal amount of full sun during the afternoon. When I bring them indoors for the winter-they are in a south facing window, but receive no full sun.
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Posted: Nov/30/2010 6:28 PM PST

Yes! I keep my in filtered sun outdoors..this indoor one is ready to open, will take pic and post (-_^)
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Posted: Feb/18/2011 11:25 PM PST

As what I have known the Christmas cactus will appreciate bright but not direct sunlight. And during summers you should move indoor plant outdoors to a partial shady spot.
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