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compost in fall garden

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Posted: Aug/31/2010 6:17 AM PST

I'm thinking about putting out a few things for a fall garden. I have a very stubborn compost pile that is very slow in breaking down. It is mostly grass clippings and a little pine straw. I'm wondering...can I use this stuff to mulch my garden and then in the process, it just break down over the winter directly in the garden?
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Posted: Jan/26/2011 4:04 AM PST

I tried a Row Composting, I layered grass, horse poo, old hay and oak leaves with 1 lb lime sprinkled over the horse poo and 1 lb 6-6-6 over the oak leaves
layering like this

#1 Grass clippings (on ground)
#2 Horse poo
#3 1-lb 6-6-6- fertilizer (optional)
#4 oak leaves
#5 lime sprinkled on leaves
#6 old hay (nice to walk on)
But the hay sprouted in places and Brownie Walnut(our bunny loved it)
The end of the spring crop season I tillered it in and planted my middles as rows in the fall ?


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