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Posted: Jul/28/2010 4:25 AM PST

Mary and I want to do something different. We didn't have a real wedding, when we were married, so she wants to get married again on our 50th anniversary. She wants to have every thing catered in, and have a garden themed wedding. So we are asking for any suggestions and ideas. So she will have two years to do all the planning.
Mary said that she wants to put the pressure on me to live, for at least until that time. Our anniversary is on May the 28th.
So think about it and give us some ideas............John


carolyncat353 blog photos
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Posted: Jul/28/2010 7:23 AM PST

Ya'll look so nice & happy... And so unaware of what life would deal you. I'm with Mary, by God, you be around for 2 more years, and I'll start planning a trip to Oklahoma! Mm- a garden party...
cougar blog photos
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Posted: Aug/02/2010 5:40 AM PST

This is right up my alley. John, 50 years of marriage that is SO beautiful. I got some homework for ya . You must definitely use this pic and the latest for part of it...same pose would be awesome to say the least. Set up a display as to the journey thru time you both have experienced-wrap that in a colorful vine. Always keep in mind the flowers yall decide on are not ones that bee's like, we don't want bees, do we? lol. My mind is going a mile a minute I got ideas you wouldnt believe. Find out your sweethearts favorite flowers and of course yours too. Are you going to have a slideshow? Well I'll be back for some more ideas, if that's ok?
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