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Compost bin help!

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Posted: Jul/07/2010 6:03 AM PST

I'm very VERY new to composting (I've never done it before and I'd love to get in to it).
I've read up on making your own compost bin out of chicken wire and wood pallets and several other kinds of materials, but I don't have those readily available.

Is it possible to make a small compost bin out of one of the larger cat litter containers? (image attached of the litter container I'm speaking about).


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Posted: Jul/08/2010 9:48 PM PST

I would use one of those to make a worm farm (vermiculture), unless you're talking about stacking them to make a wall and screwing them together. If that's the case, I'd be a little worried about ventilation. I'm somewhat new to gardening, too, but that's my two-cents worth.
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Posted: Jul/11/2010 6:47 PM PST

Just make some small holes for ventilation.

I live in Papua New Guinea. I only use ex-flour bag (50kgs size) for my compost.
It's work exteremely well. I made compost activator from yeast and fruit scrap. My routine are put kitchen scrap every day, digg it with claw-shape scoop and every week I take it out and then move it again to the bag - so the compost get some air. Very easy, fast and cheap.
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Posted: Apr/17/2011 2:44 PM PST

If you live in an area where you can have a compost pile, you can try craigslist for chicken wire and pallets, they have a free stuff section.
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