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Blueberry Bush

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Posted: Jul/04/2010 9:33 AM PST

I am attempting container gardening because I live in a trailer park (was called "Sand Hill" prior to becoming a trailer park). I have had no luck in gardening, not just because of the sandy soil, but because I live at the bottom of the hill and all the water accumulates at the back of lot and everything gets overwatered.

I planted a blueberry bush in a very large container. It seemed to do well until we got extremely cold winds. The leaves started to turn purple. I pulled the container under my carport and surrounded it to protect it from the cold winds. It seemed to revive and the leaves recuperated. When the weather got warmer I put it back outside with my container tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, raspberry shrub, etc. It seemed to be doing well for a while. I have used acidic fertilizer and water according to directions. The leaves have started to get brownish and are drying up and getting brittle. The discoloration seems to be starting from the branches at the stalk and continue to affect the leaves going to the outer leaves at the tips. There are no insects or insect larvae that I can see on the leaves. I water at the base of the plant and in the tray beneath the container.I know blueberry bushes are not usually grown in Utah because they need acidic soil, but I have used acidic fertilizer according to directions to accommodate this fact.

The label for this plant says it is "Blueberry Vaccinium. Shrub. deciduous caducifolio, matures summer-fall" it that is any help.
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Posted: Jul/08/2010 6:36 AM PST

I can't tell you too much about your type of blueberries-or what to do in your climate, but I do know that ALL blueberries do [u]not like a lot of fertilizer. Just lightly in the early spring.
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