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milky fluids from my spring mix lettuce

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Posted: Jun/27/2010 11:08 AM PST

i picked up a spring mix lettuce from my local nursery and now its time to harvest but i am seeing a white milky fluid from the plant when cutting , i had the nursery call the grower they said it was fine has anyone else ever ran in to this ? i have all ways been told if it has white fluid coming from it don't eat it . any info would help it looks so good but i don't want my family to eat if they will be in harms way by doing so.
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Posted: Nov/28/2010 5:30 AM PST

Most varieties of lettuce exude small amounts of a white, milky liquid when their leaves are broken. This "milk" gives lettuce its slightly bitter flavor and its scientific name, Lactuca sativa since Lactuca is derived from the Latin word for milk. This is especially true for romaine but other leaf lettuce have it as well. Blessings.
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Posted: Mar/27/2011 3:00 PM PST

that is a type of diversity I think.I read in a book about this and I can't remember what the fluid is called.
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