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Leggy Hydrangea

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Posted: Jun/05/2010 1:32 PM PST

Any suggestions on what I can do to encourage stronger, thicker stems in my Hydrangea which has become leggy?


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Posted: Jun/06/2010 6:10 AM PST

Is it getting too much sun? That's my first thought. If that's not it, I would prune it after it finishes blooming and fertilize it well. Keep it watered well in this hot summertime. Perhaps that would help.
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Posted: Jun/06/2010 3:11 PM PST

If it does not matter weather you have blooms on it or not. You can if you want to cut the blooms off and keep fertilizing it. This would not be any different than when pinching back petunias and impatients. When the blooms are off this will cause the energy that is going into the bloom to go into the bush. The result will be a full bushy hydrangea in a year or two. At least more so than now. When you cut the blooms off I would go ahead and prune the leggy branches back at the same time.
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Posted: Jun/06/2010 9:34 PM PST

I would add to the previous advice that you should clear out the dead leaves and pull out the weeds. I see its already starting to get afflictions on the leaves, which will slow growth dramatically at such an early growth phase. It would be good if you could post close-ups of the yellowed leaves seen on the other side of the plant in the picture and the discolored holes. The holes don't look bad, it's the yellow that's concerning.
Yellow in shooting leaves can be caused by spider mites, chlorosis from nutrient deficiency, mosaic-virus, etc.. If it is a disease, it probably came from those leaves around it, so clear them out before all else.
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