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honeysuckle colors

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Posted: Apr/26/2010 5:04 PM PST

I bought a honeysuckle vine last summer that was suppose to be red (scarlett is what the tag says). The vine did not bloom last summer, but this spring, the vine is doing well but the flowers are yellow-orange rather than red. is there something I should do to the soil to make flowers red? the vine is planted by a salt water swimming pool
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Posted: Apr/26/2010 7:00 PM PST

I just looked at red honeysuckle today-and yes, they are not a true red, but rather orangey-red. Different fertilizers may make the flower a deeper or lighter coral color-but that's it. BYW-hummingbirds just love it-no matter if it's orange-yellow or deep red.
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Posted: Apr/30/2010 3:20 AM PST

I have red honeysuckle growing in my woods.I transplanted a vine, wrap it around my bird feeder pole.Now the hummers won't have to go so far. It's doing good.Blessings ya'll.
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