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HELP! Droopy African Violet

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Joined: 9/18/2009
Location: New Jersey
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Posted: Sep/18/2009 11:27 AM PST

I recently found my little African Violet plant in a sad droopy state. I had been treating it organically with lemongrass oil for Midge pests and got that under control but now I notice that the leaves are drooping. Could it be from the pests, the treatment to repel them or possible overwatering? HELP!

ANY advice at all as to how I can reverse this will be of great relief to me and my plant.
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Joined: 5/31/2008
Location: Virginia
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Posted: Sep/18/2009 7:10 PM PST

Take a look over this site and see if it diagnoses your problem: S.AfricanViolets

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Joined: 3/15/2009
Location: Northeast PA
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Posted: Sep/20/2009 5:06 PM PST

Don't know anything about lemongrass oil. If ine has bugs I use a Q-tip dipped in acohol and rup the infected areas. I would let the plant completely dryout before watering.
Joined: 9/18/2009
Location: New Jersey
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Posted: Sep/21/2009 11:30 AM PST

Thanks for the site link! What I did do is change out the muddy soil, rinsed out the pot in hot water, trimmed the roots, and repotted my little plant in dry soil specifically for African Violets. The larger leaves drooped and were not coming back for anything. I dohowever, notice two small leaves shooting out of the center and have placed the plant in a well-lit area of my apartment so that it may dry out better.

I took out the lemongrass soluton and will try the alcohol if I am revisited by those tiny pests. I also tried putting my plant in a plastic bag (didn't tie it shut-left it open for air to circulate) that helped temporarily. I rep
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Posted: Oct/27/2009 5:59 AM PST

Have you tried using a fluorescent grow light? They work well with African Violets.
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Posted: Apr/29/2010 3:41 AM PST

My African violets were droppy until I started using the wick method to water them. Now they are flourishing with lots of new healthy leaves and flowers. They sit on my kitchen counter with indirect light in my sunny kitchen. A piece of yarn goes from the holes in the bottom of each flowerpot into a container of water down in the sink. Now they absorb the exact amount of water they need. (First, I primed them by sitting the container of water on the same level until the saucer was full. Then I lowered it into the sink and add water when the container level gets low.)
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