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Need serious help with my petunias

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Posted: Aug/05/2009 4:58 PM PST

My petunias were absolutely beautiful until a few weeks ago. They slowly started to turn brown and lose all blooms. The blooms that do remain have holes punctured through them with no discoloration. Now I basically have spindly stems left and am totally heartbroken. I've used Sevin spray twice in the last two weeks to combat whatever is eating them, but it doesn't seem to be working.

Any help you can provide is MUCH appreciated. I want my flowers back!!!


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Posted: Aug/06/2009 6:31 PM PST

Hi not sure if I can help.....but will say what has happened to me.. I don't really see signs of bug damage...but I do see lots of faded flowers and I always deadhead my petunias and then stay blooming almost until fall.....Petunias are an annual and if they set seed.........they think their mission in life is over for this year.. probably that is what has happened..?? Perhaps others have thoughts as well. Deadheading allows the plant to think it has to produce flowers and then you might try that the next go around.. Birdie
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Posted: Aug/07/2009 12:03 AM PST

I agree with birdlover too, petunias have to constantly deadheaded, I am always outside deadheading!!! Also has it rained lately in your area? I know when it rains in my area it makes a mess of my petunias- it puts holes similiar to your pictures, and makes brown spots on them to!!! Like it just quit raining here and I will have to go out tomorrow and deadhead and get them all cleaned up!!! Tammy
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Posted: Aug/07/2009 1:48 AM PST

It appears to be overwatering. Perhaps they have root rot. That's a sad sight. Perhaps if they are cut back and not watered so much, they might have time to recover, but I'm not sure about that.
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