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  Disgusting fungus?, or moss?

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Joined: 7/27/2009
Location: Connecticut
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Posted: Jul/27/2009 6:51 AM PST

We have a stone/gravel driveway that has accumulated quite a bit of grass growth. It has been quite wet here in the northeast and moss has also grown in the driveway. Some type of disgusting looking moss or fungus has also emerged. It is dark green and kind of looks like small piles of bird doo (slimy). It is very slippery and dangerous. Can anyone help me identify this and tell me how to get rid of it?
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Posted: Aug/03/2009 4:48 PM PST

I am no pro by no means. But my river rock was accumulating this type of slim yuk because of this inclimate weather and I poured bleach on them. No more slim yuk and it basically killed all the other mess. I hope you find relief of this soon.
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