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my plants look lil off colored some help peas?

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biyu_wolf_77 blog photos
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Posted: Jul/14/2009 1:25 PM PST

ok so i havent been watering the babies daily like i should be im corious what will help with this the leaves look diffish colors

this year ive been using my terracycle worm poo fertaliser prettymuch soely add to top of soiul after waytering an yea lety the nutrrients sink in is that the proublem? i have maricle grow products too the pelets the concentrate bottle an the powder all general use im only really noticing it in the herb pot--the one i plan on overwintering

pics follow there from lastnight the outhers i think are dooin awesome tho im removing possable bad leaves from tomatoes an yea

ok looked only 3 pics 2 are mints think its spearamint from uncle could be chocolate or peppermint too tho--pics small to id atm-- last is lemonbalm i think


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Posted: Jul/14/2009 1:57 PM PST

The mints look fine to me. It might just be the changes in light they're getting. My mint goes through stages of green to almost yellow on some of the leaves and I have a little die back, but they revive. Mine are in the ground though, too, and I haven't fertilized or watered them so that probably makes a difference.
The lemon balm I don't know about. I've never grown it that I can remember.
biyu_wolf_77 blog photos
Joined: 3/05/2008
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Posted: Jul/15/2009 1:00 AM PST

ahh thankies an lights been ptretty constant--theyve been in bascally the same spot
witt blog photos
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Posted: Jul/15/2009 1:41 PM PST

I keep clipping my lemon balm back. When it gets hot, the leaves get coarse and ugly, so I just keep clipping it and it rejuvenates fresh leaves all the time. Plus, I don't want it to flower and fling its seeds all over the place.
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Posted: Jul/15/2009 6:26 PM PST

I wanna save afw seeds an it's really small compaired to the outher mints in the pot
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