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Joined: 6/23/2009
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Posted: Jun/23/2009 4:08 AM PST

Can someone tell me what the sp. stands for after the flower name[ ie. zinnia sp.]
witt blog photos
Joined: 3/28/2008
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Posted: Jun/23/2009 4:52 AM PST

I think that it means species.
harley blog photos
Joined: 3/15/2009
Location: Northeast PA
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Posted: Jun/23/2009 1:16 PM PST

Ralph, if you see it after a word in my thread, its becasue I don't know how to spell something. LOL
yardgranny6 blog photos
Joined: 7/05/2007
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Posted: Jun/24/2009 4:46 PM PST

I always put my spelling mistakes in (sp).
Rashell blog photos
Joined: 9/17/2007
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Posted: Jun/24/2009 8:28 PM PST

zinnia sp. = topic/subject is about zinnia genus in general. Or the subject is about one specie.

zinnia spp. = The spp. is plural used after a genus with more than one species. The writer is telling you there is more than one species in the genus. Or the topic/subject will be about more than one species.

At least this is how I understand it.
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