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Posted: Jun/20/2009 3:13 PM PST

planted glads on memorial day. 20 comets & 20 multi color. Two different areas. I only have 10 plants coming up in one area, full sun. Some of both. Question is how do you keep the animals from eating these blubs? I planted them with human hair but I've seen numerous holes in the garden bed where the 10 are coming up. Also are there some glads that take longer to root? There are no holes by 10 of the comets but no signs of life? These are in 2 different areas. One is full sun and the other is half & half. Oh this is all virgin soil. New gardens. I did use a blub booster along with a mixture of top soil, peat, lime, fish blood, fish bone and organic miracle grow. I'm in northern ohio not exactly sure of the zone. Your suggestions would be most helpful. I love glads but can never grow them because they get eaten or I've always thought it was too much clay. I'm excited I have 10 so far.
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Posted: Jun/20/2009 6:12 PM PST

I'm on my 3rd year of planting glads. My experience is 50/50 ratio. But I don't dig mine up, either, and this year, one came up that was planted last year or year before. I know, because it was purple, and I only had red and white ones. I don't know a thing about what to keep from digging them. I have pets, so they pretty much keep squirrels and other critters away.
Joined: 6/20/2009
Location: euclid, ohio
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Posted: Jun/20/2009 6:33 PM PST

thank you for answering. I have a dog but the animals keep getting them. this is my first year getting any to grow.
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Posted: Jun/30/2009 6:23 PM PST

I wonder if you could plant them in something like a tomato sauce can that's bigger than a soup can, but not like a #10 if it's rodents they won't get into them so easily. Is there any way they could be too moist and be rotting?

You're probably in zone 5 since we're practically neighbors. lol I'm just east of you near Pa.
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