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Can't save seeds from hybrid for new plant?

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Posted: Jun/12/2009 7:54 PM PST

I just read this on an article (link below):

Originally posted by Shirley Hill - Associated Content

You might want to save seeds from several of the plants that you are growing now. The exception will be hybrids, which cannot be grown from seeds that you harvest. You can, however, save seeds from what is produced this year such as melons or squash.

Link: w_to_grow_great_vegetables_indoors_pg4.html?cat=32

Now my question is "Why not"?
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Posted: Jun/13/2009 5:36 AM PST

Hybrid seeds are a cross between 2 or more parent plants. You can save the seeds and they will sprout and grow into large plants but will not come true to the original plants.Most all the plants have cross pollinated at one time but over a number of years established a new kind of variety.
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Posted: Jun/14/2009 6:14 AM PST

My dad (who knows everything!!??)says of course you should save your hybrid seeds. Just know that you will probably not get the same qualities in the fruit. For example, the hybrid may be a combination of the sweetest and the largest so next year you may get a fruit that is really sweet but not as large as this year. What's wrong with that? As for me, when I harvest seed, I'm not that careful about labeling anyway. I know it's a tomato or a pepper but not what variety.
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Posted: Jun/14/2009 8:13 AM PST

Dads are the smartest people around. lol I found that out after i got to be my dads age. Do as most of use did say yes sir and do what you want behind his back.Just joking
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Posted: Jun/14/2009 12:35 PM PST

If all your interested in is if it's a tomato then it would be fine, but if you're interested in growing a specific kind then either get an heirloom that's true from seed year after year or buy hybrid seeds. The only type I grow are romas because I don't like the mess of others so that's the type seed I buy. Hey, if you can eat them they're fine, right? lol
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