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Need advice: oak tree infestation

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Posted: Jun/07/2009 12:59 PM PST

We've just discovered that something is eating our oak trees and need some help identifying the insect and what to do about it.

They appear to be red-bodied spiders, hatching from globe-shaped sacs attached to the underside of the leaves. We didn't see very many sacs, but some were obviously old and dried out and others newer and perhaps still containing unhatched bugs. The leaves are full of holes, turning brown, and curling. We've pruned several infected branches off the trees, especially those where we noticed the egg sacs on the leaves.

Can anyone help identify and suggest some treatments?

Many thanks!
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Posted: Jun/23/2009 3:00 PM PST

I know this is kind of late, but when dealing with local tree problems, it is best to contact your county agent/AG center. They know what problem pests are common to your area, and can recommend the best treatments.
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Posted: Jul/01/2009 8:48 AM PST

Hi. I logged on to find out what I've noticed on an oak tree at my parent's house is infested with. Are the sacs that you are describing ovular, yellow centered with reddish-brown hairs(approx.: 10-15 mm)? If so, do you know what they are and do you have any suggestions on potential damage and control/removal. The sacs have only appeared on this particularly large oak and no other trees around it. Within a five-hundred feet radius, there are about a dozen oaks, this being the largest one. There is also a large maple right next to the oak (northside)competing quite well and it is also bare of these sacs. They are pretty much present on ten to fifteen percent of the leaves (alomost exclusively near the stem) from treetop to eye-level.

Thank You.
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