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Cacti and succulents

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RosemarieRo photos
Joined: 4/01/2008
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Posted: May/30/2009 3:23 PM PST

FYI-on your GW post, it is suggested that your dark Aeonium is A. arboreum 'Atropurpureum' or 'Zwartkop'. Just so you know, it is neither of those. It IS a Catlin hybrid, though, with 'Zwartkop' most likely one of the parents.

Here is my A. 'Zwartkop' on the left, with A. arboreum 'Atropurpureum' on the right (during its green leaf stage. The other photo is when it is between purple & green stage.


RiverRock blog photos
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Posted: May/30/2009 4:07 PM PST

Thank you for this..I kinda thougt it was not a zwartzkop because I have a small one of those(its not doing to well)..and they are not the same. Unfortnatly I am having a hard go with some of the succulents I have gotten in trades recently because they are just to small and hard to keep going till they root. Here is the zwartskop I have..this was right after I got is mostly dried up now bt I am still holding ot hope for it.

Also want to show you my pretties My sunset jade that i just repotted couple days ago and my crassula tetragona also repotted couple days ago. Its my goal to bonsai them both.


RosemarieRo photos
Joined: 4/01/2008
Location: So. Calif nr beach-border
Posts: 1250
Posted: May/30/2009 5:21 PM PST

Yes, having to wait weeks for rooting can be a pain. These 3 look like they are hanging in there! Nice plants!

I believe your Crassula is 'Tricolor'.
Growing/collecting succulents can be very addictive! But it's a good obsession to have compared to others.
birdlover46 blog photos
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Posted: May/30/2009 8:41 PM PST

What a GREAT Collection you have! little area of Hen and Chicks looks like peanuts........although I do love them all.......some are really LARGE ones! Thanks for the show! Birdie
gunca42 photos
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Posted: Jan/30/2010 11:27 AM PST

Your 1 & 2 appears to be some sort of ornamental barrel cactus, too small for me to tell, #7,8, 9 are in the mammillaria family. Dish pot the tallest is a red tip jade, variegated to the right looks like a Irish Rose,one next to it appears to be hens # chicks, the left one with reddish/black leaves is either a sempervivum or aeonium arboreum..I bet on the latter. gunca 42
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