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Designing your garden beds..

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karslinky blog photos
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Posted: May/15/2009 3:22 PM PST

I am a 'list' person, so I try to start with a plan, a diagram, and then it all kinda goes to heck - I like a wild full look - no formal gardens for me - but there needs to be some type of cohesion. I like the idea of garden 'rooms' - each section has a different feel... and I wish I had set aside a spot for a nice bench in my front yard - it took 5 years to plan, and I am just so darned content when my front yard is in bloom!!


yardgranny6 blog photos
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Posted: May/15/2009 7:14 PM PST

Beautiful, no wonder you are content while in your yard.
fairygarden blog photos
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Posted: May/16/2009 10:34 AM PST

Kar, that is very nice. I want my front yard to be pretty and interesting, too.
mudpies blog photos
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Posted: May/26/2009 4:54 AM PST

My gardening process falls somewhere between the cottage gardening style and the planning list-creating process. I love lots of colour and texture. A friend who has a much more manicured garden than I once told me that I'd eventually want to 'clump' my plants, leaving lots of space between them. That hasn't happened yet.

I do start out with a concept. Currently I'm working on a long, narrow shade bed. I want the finished product to look like Mother Nature simply decided to scatter plants along the ridge. But as time goes on, I may very well change my concept.

I choose plants for their size, colour and texture. I like the juxtaposition of a solid-looking plant (e.g. hosta) with a lacy, delicate type like columbine, goat's beard, etc. I also like to include plants with silvery foliage next to others with greens and chocolate coloured leaves.

I have the luxury of a holding bed where I can plunk plants till I decide where I'd like to put them. It's a jumble of stuff with no particular rhyme or reason, but I can observe growing habits, etc.

In the final analysis, though, I stick a plant into my finished beds wherever I think it's appropriate. It may or may not get moved eventually, depending on how I like the effect it creates among the existing plants. Plants, for the most part, are very portable. They may not bloom for a year or so after having been moved, but at my house every bed is an on-going project. My tastes change from time to time and lately the variety of available planting material has ballooned.

Acquire what you like. Plant it where you think you'd like it. Change it if it doesn't please you. Share plants with fellow gardeners. You'll be rewarded many times over when they return the favour.
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